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Elkridge Harford Hunt Pony Club Policies

Elkridge Harford Hunt Pony Club Policies

1.       To be a “member in good standing”

2.       Volunteer Policy-12 hours expected in addition to club Horse Show and Hunter Trial and Maryland Region Activity help.

3.       Annual Fund-contribution- $5 per family to National Office

4.       Sponsors Fee-$10

5.       Minimum Lesson Requirements-

These lesson requirements MUST be completed before Rally Entry (Always at discretion of DC, as per “Member in Good Standing”)

a.       Attend 4 un-mounted meetings before going to a mounted Rally

b.      Eventing-

                                                               i.      3 XC

                                                             ii.      4 Dressage

                                                            iii.      2 SJ

                                                           iv.      2 Round Robins or Horse Trials

c.       Show Jumping-

                                                               i.      4 lessons

d.      Dressage

                                                               i.      4 lessons

e.      Polocrosse

                                                               i.      2 /3 of practices offered

f.        Games

                                                               i.      2/3 of practices offered

g.       Quiz

                                                               i.      D’s

1.       4 practices

                                                             ii.      C’s

1.       5 practices

h.      Tetrathlon

                                                               i.      Shooting/Swimming/Running on discretion

                                                             ii.      2 SJ for riding

The following are as in the USPC policies and are incorporated herein our policies

6.       Riding Attire-When riding, must wear shirt with sleeves or collar and legs fully covered. Conventional type of riding footwear with heel is required.

When in the barn area must have a shoe that is securely fastened, entirely closed, covers ankle, thick-soled, made of leather or synthetic materials, in good condition.

7.       Mounts-Must be a minimum of 5 years in age, (there is an exception for B’s and up, they may ride a 4 year old), no stallion, or mares with foals at side.


Proposed:  Carol Price /second Karen Gorrell/all agreed 10/11/2011







A Member in Good Standing

Member in Good Standing

USPC Maryland Region requirement

What is a “Member in Good Standing”?

In order to “rate up “ or represent the club at a rally or whatever you need to be a “member in good standing” of the Elkridge Harford Hunt Pony Club…so what is a “member in good standing”, anyway?

The term “member in good standing” refers to a participant who, in the discretion of the District Commissioner (DC), has:

1. Regularly, if not always, attended activities, events, clinics and meetings of the Club, except when excused by the DC, and

2. Completed all tasks, obligations and financial commitments established for them by the Club, Region and National organization, and

3. Always demonstrated good sportsmanship and respect for themselves, their mounts, and the person, mount and property of others.